Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

It's that time again!

 Man oh man... I must admit to you folks, that I have been struggling this week to find inspiration!  I've been sinking deeper and deeper into my couch, and let me tell you, the inspiration does NOT lie there... It's time to snap out of it!  Plan of attack?  My first step was to get a knitting project going,  so I stopped at my local knitting shop last night and picked up some wool good for felting... I want to make something similar to what you see below... I'm already feeling better!  Next step is exercise...I fell off that train a while ago and the effects are catching up with me!  I joined a yoga class at the community centre and I think it's time I dust off the ole runners! It is a perfect time of year for jogging, but the hardest step is the one out the front door!

My Mermaid!  I sculpted this with fresh air clay and it has been quite the labour of love... I'm still finishing up some final touches but I should be ready to unveil my finished product by next week.  I can tell you're shaking with anticipation. ; )
I am in love with these!  My father in-law gave me some old photo's he picked up at an antique shop years ago and I think I breathed some new life into them by adding some of my pressed flowers.  I don't know the subjects in the photo's....which makes them all the more mysterious... Now I just have to find a place to display them.
Instagram makes everything look impressive doesn't it?  A beautiful bouquet a work contact sent me...

A possible fall project in the works...
ha ha ha...if you have no money...

The weekend is so close I can taste it!!

Thanks for reading!

Love Desiree
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