Thursday, October 4, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

Oh my god, it's already Thursday! Can you believe it!? This week has seriously gotten away from me...I'm off tomorrow and heading down to the farm to celebrate stay tuned for a festive post when I return...

For now...some inspirations...

via the Tweed Ride's Facebook page

 I want a cape.
Perfect for this weekend!

 And a selection from the archives!

James and I went on a little date last weekend and one of our stops was The AGO.  I snapped this shot before I was told to put the camera away.  You should go see this exhibit.  It's crazy...

I baked muffins too!
and I'm getting my witches together for a tea party!

And finally....this song is awesome, this movie is even better, and the story of this mans life will BLOW your mind.  Go see it.

Enjoy this beautiful fall day everyone...and thank-you so much for reading!

Love Desiree
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