Thursday, January 10, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Hello you beautiful people! It's finally Thursday and this is my first Inspire Me Thursday of 2013! 

This was my first thought today...

I've made a skirt like this out of a pillow case!

Christmas was a pretty good haul and since then what's been inspiring me most is my own little home...
My new favourite tea cup from a brother who knows his sister very well... : ) reading a book under my new reading lamp!
I got a new vanity stool from Value Village for 4.99!!!
Loving my walk to work...this is at the half way point.
Pretty good genes!
My mom and I share similar tastes... These are a few of her antique portraits...
We noticed this house while walking to a friends the other night and it was so beautiful I had to take a picture!  The entire house is projected with tiny lights...
 More of my moms collection

 My house smells like baking bread and my bathroom smells like a baby's head!  It's pretty awesome... more brotherly love...

 Technology truly is amazing...  A visit with Aunty Jenny on the other side of the world last weekend!

I'm really grooving on this song right now

Ta ta for now!

Love Desiree
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