Wednesday, January 9, 2013

AstroSisters To The Rescue!

Number 10 on my resolution list came to me about a month ago when I received a little care package in the mail from Millie Knaff! You may remember her from this post I did last summer. She's partnered up with her equally talented sister Naomi Knaff to sell some naturally made cosmetics on Etsy.  They call themselves 'AstroSisters' and all the package art is done by Millie and the ingredients are free from harmful chemicals! I was totally excited with my freebies but I must shamefully admit that I had a moment of skepticism thinking to myself "what's in this stuff?" Should I really be using something not made by professionals on my skin? Then I quickly thought - WAIT A SECOND! Should I really be trusting a mega corporation instead? Read this article on David Suzuki's website about what's in cosmetics and tell me if I should buy my moisturizer from AstroSisters or from Loreal.  Freaking terrifying!

So along with my efforts to be more conscious of the food I eat I'm also going to also start being more conscious of the products I put on my skin and I'm going to try to use as many natural ones as I can….

I started using AstroSisters Body Butter first and I'm in LOVE with it! It smells kind of like honey and you just rub it where you're feeling dry and you're left with soft, hydrated, sweet skin!  The smell is heavenly. When you put it in your hands it kind of melts to a spreadable texture but then turns back to a solid when it cools… I keep it in my bathroom proudly displayed cos the skull shape is freaking cool : ) When it eventually looks more like a deformed cat skull you don't have to display it so prominently. ; )  Next up I'm gonna try the clay shampoo…  Millie suggests you use it only on your roots along with diluted apple cider vinegar.  She says that eventually you'll only have to wash your hair once a week!  I'm intrigued....   I've also got the face serum which I've been a bit hesitant on because I have super oily skin but I put in on my neck a few times and the results were pretty noticeable…it was pretty darn soft!  Millie uses witch hazel along with it to keep her skin looking clear so I think I may give that a shot too.

Thanks Astro Sisters! You are inspiring!

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