Wednesday, January 9, 2013


This year I have so many resolutions I can barely keep track of them all, it's a bit ridiculous really… I can't possibly succeed…shit, I'm already messing up the first one!

1. Think Positive! Stop worrying about every possible bad scenario, because I do…let me tell you! I once heard that worrying is like praying for bad things to happen and if that's true... I. am. doomed!

2. Be more conscious of what I'm eating and figure out how I should change my diet to feel good.  First up I have cut out dairy, white flour, and sugar as much as possible and I've limited my meat intake.  Almond milk, whole wheat everything, quinoa for every meal… It's a good start but I'm debating a cleanse.  Suggestions?  I don't want anything too crazy but I really want to hear what has worked for other people, so please…tell me!  How should I detox?

3. Walk to and from work everyday unless it's pouring or warm enough to bike. So far so good.  45 minutes each way and by the time I get to work I am rejuvenated and feeling like a million bucks!

4. Go to the gym for an hour at least 4 times a week.  I've been on the gym train for a month now after falling off the wagon for a good 4.  My butt has already lifted a good centimeter and as you can see from my photo above I have a wee little pipe coming back to me.  Very motivating.  : )

5. Do yoga. I've paid enough money for classes that I should be able to practice alone.  James is good too so we're planning to maybe do a session a week at home.

6. No more baby Friday celebrations.  I must cut back on the party, I'm almost 30 for Christ sakes. (How did that happen???)

7. Read more. Obviously.

8. Go to the opera.  I see a lot of theatre because of my work but I don't really venture beyond theatre when it comes to performing arts.  This is the year we will go to the opera.  I have antique opera glasses from my uncle too so I'm going to put on a vintage frock and pretend it's 1940.

9. Make something once a month.  I tend to get into a creative slump in the winter months. Must resist!  Must create!

10. Use more organic hair/skin care and cosmetics.  It's freaking scary what we put on our faces and in our hair…post to come on this one.

Okay, so that's it for now…I'm sure I'll come up with more on my long walks to and from work… : ) Thanks for letting me share these with you…you keep me honest.  The best way to achieve a goal is to tell people about it.

All my love,
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  1. I used to work at a health food store and although I never actually tried this one, I heard wonderful things about it! Gentle, not bad tasting and won't interfere with your life (as some cleanses tend to do... i.e staying close to your bathroom...yikes!) Whichever cleanse you decide on, just make sure to increase your fiber and water content (add ground flax seed to yogurt, baking, etc). As your body pulls toxins from your organs you have to get them outta there before your intestines have a chance to re-absorb them.

    Good Luck!