Thursday, March 21, 2013

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday you beautiful people!  I am sooooo sorry to have failed you last week… I was incapacitated I swear or I would have come through!  I didn't have just one flu…I had TWO flus!  WTF right? I felt like the sick sister in 'Little Women' fighting for her life.  Thankfully I am back!  After a week of quarantine I have reentered civilization to find that it's still effing winter!  COME ON ALREADY!  I thought I had slept through the final days of this hellish season but after a walk in -10 degree weather today I am well aware that I most certainly did not!  So it's with a little frustration that I come to you today with my inspirations….I do take comfort knowing that spring could happen at any moment now...maybe even tomorrow, so lets keep our heads up.

Oh my god I cannot wait for Lilacs.  I'm going to try and make some floral essences this spring so I can hold onto the scents of spring flowers a little longer...
I love it that there used to be a magazine devoted to watching women...this one seemed fitting to share on the blog... : )

The shock of women wearing shorts. Men are pigs. : ) Sorry guys but you know it's true.

My newest crafty endeavor! Making my own scents!
On the hunt for bottles...

My newest value village score...
Outdoor dining!
 Cool idea...window screens from old lace curtains...

Finally... Have you guys ever heard of the Creaclip? I've read a bunch of reviews that rave about this thing and since I hate the hairdresser and all the products they use I refuse to go back.  I don't have a creaclip and they're kind of expensive so I tried to rig one up last weekend with an embroidery hoop.  Not quite the same thing.  I didn't have the courage to take off more than a couple millimeters so I don't think that's going to work.  What do you think?

 What's most inspiring me right now is my shift to clean living as you may have already read about here and here but I'm also reading all about Eastern Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic Medicine and that's really inspiring me too. Lots of learning going on over here.... : )

We are sooo close to the weekend I just can't wait!

Thanks for reading!

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