Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Journey to Wellness: My First Steps to Clean Beauty

When I first decided to go clean with my beauty routine my first worry (because worry is my first response to everything!) was that I'd look like crap. The chemicals in cosmetics are what make them work right? WRONG!  Thank-god! I'm so vain!

So the first thing I did was search the internet to find out where I could buy organic makeup in Toronto.  I didn't want to spend one more hour with this dirty crap on my face but I definitely did not have the confidence to go to work bare faced so I needed to find some cover up STAT! I found Pure and Simple, an all organic skin care spa that also carried Jane Iredale, a brand of mineral foundation that came highly recommended on lots of websites. I jumped on the street car and headed down to King and Shaw immediately. (I'm not exaggerating...I got up from my desk, grabbed my coat and was gone.) I came into this calm little shop and was greeted by a sweet girl with perfect skin who colour matched me and gave me a good how-to session on how to apply the stuff properly.  I won't lie to you...I spent an obscene amount of money.  A compact of mineral foundation, a blush, and an eyebrow pencil ran me close to a hundred bucks but it was definitely worth it for the piece of mind of knowing I was not wearing any hormone disrupting chemicals. I'm disrupted enough thank-you very much! She also let me take a sample of any of their other skin or hair care products so I grabbed a couple shampoo and conditioner samples to hold me over while I decided on what to do about my hair.  (More on my hair later)

What I needed more immediately was a mascara…and a cheap one preferably.  No More Dirty looks suggested the organic line of Physicians Formula so I popped into Walmart and grabbed a mascara for 12 bucks and it works perfectly fine. In my opinion an eyelash curler is more important than the mascara anyway.  It will run on the first sign of water which is to be expected with natural products but it doesn't burn which seriously makes me wonder what in the world was making my eyes burn by the end of the day with my old stuff.

Next up: rouge!  After all, it is kind of my trademark and I think people at work were starting to worry I was dying after a week of seeing me without mascara or a red lip. After experimenting with beets I decided that was NOT going to cut it despite my high hopes and I started searching the web for lipstick reviews. I found Ilia came with some high praise and lo and behold they carried it at a shop minutes away from my work called The Detox Market.  It's like the Holt Renfrew of clean beauty.  I bought the Ilia tinted lip conditioner in crimson and clover and it's the best lipstick I've ever worn.  My lips feel great, look great, smell great, and even taste great.  Worth the ummm...26 bucks!  Fak! I also broke down and bought the un-concealer from RMS beauty because the Jane Iredale just wasn't enough to cover up some unsightly blemishes I was dealing with at the time. I won't even admit to you how much I spent on that.  But you know what? I don't even care, it's the best thing ever. I also splurged on some Infinite Love by Lotus Wei which is pretty awesome but not essential...but I felt like after the winter I've had I was in need of some serious love.

So ya, that was my big splurge for a clean makeup bag and I've not looked back once…my skin looks fantastic. I might try another kind of mineral makeup next time around just because I'm intrigued by Vapour cosmetics but all in all I am absolutely thrilled with my new stuff!

 I'm having a hard time not buying more but I need to stop! There's so many cool companies out there making really great natural stuff, it's very tempting.  Also tempting to start making my own! There's also this website that has all the best stuff and it's based in Toronto so the shipping is cheap and quick.  I ordered some shampoo and conditioner from them (shhh) and it arrived the next day!

I hope this has been helpful...I'm always searching for advice on what to buy so maybe you are too.   Check out No More Dirty Looks Blog for more advice on clean beauty.  I love those ladies way too much.

Next up on the wellness posts will be my adventures in skin care found in my very own kitchen cupboards so stay tuned!

Lots of love,
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