Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Introducing Eloise!

Goooood morning internet! My, my, it's been a long time... To the handful of you still reading this...thanks for holding out for the past 9 months. :) I was busy making a human!

This is Miss Eloise Mae...our darling daughter born Friday December 13th 2013.

I'm so happy and relieved to finally have her in my arms and out of my body! : ) I've been trying to write this post for a while now but for one, I spend most of my day elbow deep in poop, breast milk and baby vomit, and two, it's difficult to put this whole experience into words, but I'd like to try...if not just for me, for other moms or moms to be.

2013 is a blur.  I spent 9 months of it feeling like TOTAL crap, 30 hours feeling like I will never do this again, and then the final couple weeks feeling like I'd been given the most precious gift that I must protect at all costs.  A responsibility I was elated to have but also one that weighed/weighs heavy on my newly jumbo sized and very vulnerable heart. The first couple nights were hard. We didn't have a clue what we were doing. I felt like I had been through a battle of epic proportions and desperately needed to sleep and recuperate but also had this new person to take care of. Thankfully we all survived and found our groove and Eloise is already sleeping 6 hours straight at night, having a feed and then sleeping another 3 or 4! I know, it doesn't seem fair that we're so well rested but I think it's the least the pregnancy gods could do after giving me a full term of morning sickness!

Maternity leave is pretty great obviously...especially knowing that it's -30 below and I don't have to go outside...EVER. Eloise and I spend our days cuddling on the couch, doing photo shoots in her cute little outfits, listening to music, and of course eating, eating, eating,pooing, pooing, pooing, and puking, puking,puking. Surprisingly that pretty much fills the day. She takes a few short naps when I do stuff like blog, read a book, call my mom and eat a meal. When James comes home he takes the little munchkin off my hands and I take a bath and relax for a bit.  I take her back and he cooks dinner while I feed her hers...We sit her in her little Winnie The Poo chair and she watches us eat...We all cuddle up on the couch for an episode or two of Homeland and then it's off to bed. Happiness doesn't even begin to cover it.  This is the life I always wanted. : )

Okay, that's it for the gushing. I'm sure things will continue to change as she grows but I'm trying to savor every moment because time already seems to be flying by. I've barely unpacked my hospital bag and she's going to be a month old in a few days.

Anyway, I better get going...I can smell poop...but the blog is back so check back often!

Lots of love,

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  1. DES!!!! What a great post and so nice to hear what a good rhythm that you have worked out with the fam! So happy for you guys and glad you can experience the joy of a baby! I yearn sometimes for those baby days and mat leave and poo that smells only of breastmilk! But toddlerdom has its own adventures! Ah yes..adventures. miss and love you three! Xoxo LOVE