Thursday, January 9, 2014

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday you wonderful people! Thanks for all the kind words on my post yesterday...I've soaked all that love right up and passed it along to Eloise... :)

I was serious when I said the blog was back...I need some grown up chit chat like no ones business! I need to stay sharp and inspired! I'm reading daily, getting dressed, putting on 'my face', and I've promised James that I won't start calling him Daddy. :)

And now for a few inspirations...

After months of not being able to wear pants I can't tell you how nice it is to put on a pair of jeans...despite them cutting off my circulation. I'm desperate to go shopping.

Edwardian Street Style

My living room.
Upcycled Old Sweater Project!

Check out this kite!

I've been waiting a while to bust this one out...

Have a lovely weekend! It's supposed to warm up finally!

Thanks for reading!
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