Monday, April 14, 2014

Help a Brother Out!

I am absolutely beaming with pride this morning! My youngest brothers Asa and Colton have officially announced the opening of their brewery: Brothers Brewing Company, located in Pelham, Ontario.
 This has been such a labour of love and I am so happy to see their dream coming together after watching the many years of hard work they put into it.  I have NEVER met harder working or more sincere young men in all my days and I'm not just saying that because they're my brothers; they really are something special. They've been working toward this brewery since before they were even legally allowed to buy beer! In high school, while many of their friends were simply mastering the art of chugging beer, these two were learning how to brew it, reading as many books on the subject as they could... and of course taking a break every once in a while to sip a 70 year old stout (or some equally obscure beer... I really have no idea). 

When they graduated they both got jobs right away and began working like crazy to save up enough money to start school the next year. When you're the youngest from a family of five the bank of mom and dad is pretty tapped out and you learn the value of money fast, and how to earn it. Asa enrolled in the Brewmaster course at Niagara College and Colton started his business degree at Brock University. With the help of my mom and dad they lived at home and studied diligently. Since then they have blown me away with how far they've come: Colton has excelled in University and is currently in something like the top 20 percent of all business students in Ontario, and Asa has finished his course with top grades, a spot on The Rick Mercer show, and had a ton of job offers right off the bat! He started with Sleemans and is now a brewer with Muskoka Brewery. He built a brew system for a local craft brewery, one for himself of course, and made a ton of amazing beers for the family to enjoy. I am eager to finally try some now that I'm not pregnant! Colton, meanwhile, has been working with Sawdust City Brewery on a coop placement where he's been able to help them open from the ground up.  
The community element of their business is really important to them as well. Our family has lived in Pelham for hundreds of years....on the same road no less! Needless to say they're pretty passionate about the area, its history and it's people and want to celebrate it doing what they love with the people they love, in a place that they love! I'll drink to that!

Long, gushy story short: they're an amazing team and teach each other everything they know so they can both be more knowledgeable on beer-making and business. Plus I don't think you could find a better business partner than your own twin brother! They were made to work together! They're both holding down full time jobs right now, starting up this brewery, and have managed to hold onto their beautiful girlfriends... When do these kids sleep?! I really believe they have the drive, skill, and the talent to make this thing happen. Funding, however, is a bit harder to come by, which is why they've started a Kickstarter Campaign.  The goal is to reach 25k by May 30th. The prizes are pretty great but the personal satisfaction of seeing these boys succeed would be prize enough for me so I think you should...Help a  Brother Out!
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Love Desiree

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