Thursday, April 21, 2016

Inspire Me Thursday

This week has not been my favourite. It's felt a bit cursed so yay for Thursday and bring on the inspirations...and wine! It's a scattered collection to match my inner dialogue.

 I am so over helmet head! My hair today is an embarrassment. Today my mission is to buy a new headscarf and wrap up this sweaty mess. Eva Mendes pulls it off pretty well.
 And in the theme of laziness...the best bedding is the kind that looks good messy, and the best height is the kind that if a kid jumps off it they won't break their neck. These were my bedding inspirations...

 And here's a bad picture of what I came up with...still a work in progress but I'm pretty into this bed...
 What a great idea this is for herbs! I want to do some urban gardening this summer...but I hope to get more than my usual handful of cherry tomatoes! I find that the problem with gardening is the ongoing effort it takes to keep things alive...I'm pretty lazy.
 I've been scouring Pinterest for small backyard inspirations for our current reno... I love the idea of a swing under the pergola!
 And again, how awesome would a living roof be!?

or a slide off a tiny deck...
 a DIY water station? I'm basically looking for a backyard retreat where I can lock the gate and sit back and enjoy a cocktail with friends, or alone...while our children are occupied. This may be an unrealistic goal but I can dream. Suggestions?
I love this look but imagine what it would look like if a kid actually lived here? I picture the wreath bent, every white surface covered in an unexplained stain, the plant tipped over with dirt everywhere, and toys covering all the empty space. Sound about right?
Speaking of a walking mess maker, I bought Eloise this nightlight for Christmas and every night we turn it on and she sings a rainbow song before bed. How sweet is that. :) A good buy.

Happy Thursday folks...and thanks for reading.

Love Desiree
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