Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Inspire Me Thursday

Hello lovers. Back by popular demand I give you Inspire Me Thursday...; )

I can't find this plant anywhere!

Loving this hat and dress.
 I bought a bralette this winter and now I fully consider the bra a part of any outfit. Got a shirt that's too revealing? A sweater that gives a free show every time you bend over? Bralette! Get one.

A nude scarf. Hmm. I like.

Moody shades are really inspiring my home decor these days. I'm loving this shade for a little girls room.
And I'm painting my hallway this colour on the weekend.
A beautiful bouquet back-dropped by my beloved navy wall in my kitchen.
 Inspired to try macrame! 
This woman is my hair muse...and now she's gone and done it again with the bang part. Feeling it.
Major back yard renovation underway...thinking about putting in a green roof! How fun would that be...for the racoons.
I made these lace up ballet flats in an hour. Follow this link to try to make a pair of your own. Spring will be here...tomorrow I'm pretty sure.
 Word to the denim pencil skirt!
 So, can I wear 90's throwback trends even though I was wearing them in the actual 90's?
Thanks for reading guys! 
Love Desiree
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