Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

Drum roll please, it's Thursday!

Hey look, it's Lady Bird in another life!

I came across Louise Green on Pinterest and I now want to be a Milliner.




Nice rug!
Lace everywhere!

 : ) Gotta love a homemade card...
 Getting my Canada Day outfit ready...
 I've been waiting for almost a year to bust these earrings out!
 and a homemade accessory to top it all off...
 I was the lucky recipient to some VERY pretty Jillery for my birthday...
And they came with this lovely sentiment as well...:) to match my wolfpack sweatshirt of course! : )

I'm jumping on a train right after work to head back to the farm for an extra long weekend and this song is on repeat in my head...

and this one...

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend of fun in the sun!

Thanks for reading...

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