Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back Home On The Farm: A Beautiful Country Wedding

I attended a beautiful country wedding over the weekend in Niagara and everything about it screamed love!  My devastatingly beautiful and dear old friend Amanda returned to Effingham from her new home in British Columbia to marry the love of her life Julian on her family farm.....It was just so beautiful and I am way too emotional for weddings!  Even recounting it I find myself tearing up like a loser.... : )

I spent a lot of time at this place growing up...and I have the fondest memories that were flooding back to me as I sat sniffling through the speeches sipping my wine too quickly....and it didn't help when Amanda's dad told the crowd that after 20 years of memories at good old Oille Rd they would be moving on from this place and this would be the final celebration the farm would see.  Ummmm....water works!

But what a way to say farewell!  Look at these pictures!  Look at these people! Can't you just feel the love?!


This baby has got the moves!
Talk about a good gene pool!

Epic jam sessions
What a special day! Wishing these two all the love in the world...

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