Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday

Happy Thursday dear readers...the weekend is a mere day away and I am ready for it! I have crafty plans that I just can't wait to get started!

Here are some inspirations...

Ha!  Trophy wine stoppers...for all those trophies I have laying around... : ) I wish you could make wine stoppers with participation ribbons... : )

Ohhh...I like this idea!


Check out this old church turned house...wouldn't that be cool?

A bunch of old photographs James' dad gave me... : )

We love to dress up!  : ) And this picture is a very iconic pose in our family... it's the  'in front of the fireplace shot'... every couple has one, and now we do too!  Thanks Uncle Terry!

Instagram is inspiring me BIG TIME lately!  I took these pictures while I was home and they make me want to curl up in a plaid blanket with a good book....I love fall.

Baby corn... : )

My Mums!
I was waiting on the front porch after work for James because I forgot my keys... and this happened!  : )

Have a wondeful weekend!
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