Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Green Beauty: Pick of the Week

Hello lovelies...I'm starting a new feature to help us all on our quest to find green alternatives to harmful cosmetics. I started this a while ago but then I got pregnant and lost all motivation.You may remember this post from last year when I trashed every dirty cosmetic I owned and since then I've tried A LOT of stuff. Some expensive stuff, some cheap stuff, and some DIY stuff. I'd like to share with you my findings...It can be a bit daunting and expensive to get rid of everything all at once so lets start slow.  My first pick is deodorant cos it's getting hot out there and just because you're going green doesn't mean you have to smell like a dirty hippie.
The lo down: My pits are sensitive folks. I tried some DIY stuff but I was finding it irritating so I decided to leave this one to the experts and after reading a helluva lot of great reviews I ordered Soapwalla. This stuff is the best natural deodorant I've ever tried. I went to the gym for an hour yesterday and I was pouring sweat...I definitely had some pit stains...but remarkably I didn't stink!It is much more money than your used to spending but I think 16 bucks is a small price to pay for the piece of mind that you aren't putting carcinogens in your armpits.

Where to find it: freshfaced.ca or The Detox Market on King St. in Toronto.

Thanks for stopping by! Next week we'll talk lipstick.... : )

Love Desiree

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