Thursday, May 8, 2014

Inspire Me Thursday

Good morning lovelies...looks like a beauty of a day out there! I need a sunny day... It was with a heavy heart that I just moved Eloise out of her travel crib in our room and into her big crib in her room. : ( I wasn't ready for this kind of milestone, but my chubster already exceeds the weight limit! #bigbabyproblems : )

This week I am inspired by front doors...our front porch is in need of a serious makeover. Everything about it is all wrong. I think to start we need to paint the rock facade the previous owners covered the brick with (why??!) and then a pretty screen door would do the trick. Not exactly like the below pic...but you get the idea.
Botanical prints - I'm in the process of decorating our back vision is conservatory meets sun room but that's a pretty unrealistic vision given that it's a crappy mud room in reality. I will continue trying much to James' delight.
Succulents are the shit. I grabbed a few at The Brockton Flower Shop and they've really cheered up my kitchen. Flowers are so fleeting...but succulents last a long while...hopefully.
Summer baby cloths! Half the fun of having a baby is dressing them up! I can't wait to show off Eloise's thunder thighs in some cute rompers!
Fresh vegetables! Hmmmm spring veggies are my favourite! Asparagus and peas are my jam right now. This salad will knock your socks off. I've been making variations of it for weeks now.
How about this gift wrap for mothers day... So pretty! Gotta bust out my flower pressing kit...lots of ideas brewing ova here.
This would be fun for Eloise's room...I have SO many fake flowers to use up! Just gotta find some paper letters. Craft stores I would imagine...
We found one of these chairs on the side of the road! The challenge is finding a place for it. I'm hoping the conservatory. :)
My 8 year old self squealed when I saw this.

I hear my little one grunting so I best be going but thanks for reading and I'll talk to you soon...
Love Desiree

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